Falcon II Real Estate Investments Slovakia, s.r.o. - C&W awarded instruction for ongoing property management

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The Challenge

To set-up and secure smooth day-to-day running of the prime office project in the very centre of Bratislava. We also had to establish a communication and reporting process with our client. As a one of project we had to take care of repairs on the sagging list the was prepared during the take over of the property from the general building contractor.

The Solution

As per the set-up of the day-to-day routine property management it was a pretty standardized process that was only a little different to any other office project.

More challenging was the set-up of standardized communication and reporting to client. This required quite a number of conference phone calls and consultations as client’s reporting requirements were not standard and we needed to establish the common understanding of the principles.
With respect to repairs from the snagging the waste majority of them was repaired without an difficulties, still some of them required to gain a deeper understanding of the issue and to obtain an expert opinion. In close co-operation with the client however it has ben solved as well.

The Results

The project from a property management point of view has been stabilized and all the process are working smoothly. The client expressed his satisfaction with our work.


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