C&W awarded instruction to find and negotiate new premises and dispose of existing space for Abbott Laboratories

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The Challenge

Abbott Laboratories required a negotiation strategy for the disposal of existing space and the acquisition of expansion space following the take-over of Solvay Pharma. The focus was on cost savings.

The Solution

Step 1: Conduct a comprehensive situation analysis including a full legal and financial analysis of the leases, along with the terms and conditions required to vacate the premises.

Step 2: Identify and confirm real estate alternative for expansion allowing for the consolidation, and approach developer. Develop a technical and financial benchmark of alternatives, including a financial and legal lease negotiation process. In parallel explore alternatives for disposal of existing lease including negotiations with other occupiers and with the landlord

Step 3: Agree terms for both disposal and acquisition

Step 4: Negotiate and close

The Results

Abbott Laboratories took 2100m2 in CBC II, Bratislava owned by HB Reavis, and is satisfied that all of its objectives have been met.


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